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AS: [E14: Team PedoPolarBear] Theme 8: Cards by kolo-dragon AS: [E14: Team PedoPolarBear] Theme 8: Cards by kolo-dragon
Once upon a time there was a little wish.
Who dreamed it, is unknown...
Such a truly little wish it was.
The little wish thought,
“I don't want to be vanishing like this,
how can I make people want me?”
The little wish thought and thought...
and finally came up with an idea.
"I could get people stray into me,
and let them make the world.”

The first Alice was a sadist man of the red Spade.
And wickedly he swung his scythe across all of Wonderland
Never ceasing to destroy all within his way.
Creating trails of blood that followed him through Wonderland.
Deep within the forest Alice had gone too far.
Captured and imprisoned within his own horrifying sin.
Now the forest rests with red blood staining down its roots.
That’s the story of his life, lost in his killing spree.

The second Alice was a man of blue Diamond.
Singing songs to Wonderland, he all the people loved.
All the notes that he could sing were beautiful and strange.
Drove the people crazy with his melody of lies.
Deadly but so beautiful, his voice just like a rose.
Till one day he was pierced by dual daggers to the heart.
Single rose bloomed in his place, with loveless music mute.
A silent grin, the dying man lay breathing his last breath.

The third Alice was an innocent girl of green Club.
A young and fragile figure in the world of Wonderland.
Whipping serfs and stealing hearts, the girl suffered no more.
A peculiar country, loving her just all the same.
So still the girl continued on, she was the queen.
All the power corrupted her, now she lives distortedly.
Soon the queen consumed by paranoia of her death,
Passed away. She had it all, the riches and her dream.

Following a path of red deep into the woods
Gazing on a bed of roses and while having tea
Then from the castle was an invite from the queen:
It was the Ace of Hearts!

The fourth Alice was a duo, halves of a golden heart
Curious about Wonderland, they traveled there to see.
They wandered through the open doors of those who came before.
Two lovers wandering the land, skies, and the sea.
A naive and caring girl.
A lively and dreaming boy.
They came so close to pure Alice but were trapped in Wonderland.

Bound within an endless dream, a nightmare for all of time.
Forever they would wander the twisted fairytale.

Yes this is Alice Human Sacrifice.

Lyrics infused from youtube users: rockleetist, ateotu, and pikohan. The majority of it is made up but I credit them for the original translations.

Red Spade – Orion
Blue Diamond – Dae
Green Club – Trefle
Yellow Heart – Andrei and Cor

Above characters belong to you know who you are.
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